What is hot water extraction?

Simply explained, hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning process in which we utilise extremely hot water (about 120°C) to effectively and efficiently clean deep inside the carpet fibres. Hot water, as opposed to cold water, is significantly superior at eradicating bacteria and mites that can (and have) infest poorly maintained carpets.

Because of its speed and effectiveness, hot water extraction is both advantageous and distinctive. Especially when you consider how much foot activity most carpeted commercial or residential environments receive. And time is money in today's world.

How Does Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Work?

Three things are used in hot water extraction.

1) A commercial or professional-grade carpet cleaning machine. In our case, we use a commercial grade truck-mount carpet cleaning machine to provide the absolute best extraction; meaning quick-drying carpet cleaning, just got quicker.

Austech Carpet Cleaning Brisbane's Truck- Mopunt Cleaning Machine In the back of a van. The photo shows a large black machine with tubings and gauges connecting and present on the face of it. 

The machine reads 570 Sapphire Scientific. 

it Also reads 'Apex' right at the middle top.
One of our truck-mount residential & commercial carpet cleaning machines.

2) Hot water (duh): When water molecules are energised (heated), they travel and bounce off each other faster and faster, creating the ideal condition for pollutants such as foods, syrups, dirt, and other substances to be dissolved into the water for extraction.

3) Cleaning chemicals: By including carpet cleaning chemicals in our hot water extraction method, we are able to clean carpets and other surface fibres on a molecular level using hot water and high-quality technology.

The combination of these three enables Austech's professional carpet cleaners to deliver a very effective cleaning solution directly into the fibres of your carpet, rug, or upholstery. Because the water we use is extremely hot (120 °C), it quickly ( and safely!) penetrates the carpet to dissolve dirt and germ particles before being vacuumed back into our truck-mount machine for disposal.

What does this mean for you?

Consider this: when you use a concentrated combination of eco-friendly and, of course, carpet-friendly cleaning solutions in extremely hot water, you get really clean carpets that dry considerably faster and look much better.

If you think your carpets could use some love, make sure you contact Austech, the Brisbane Carpet Cleaners.

Is hot water extraction right for my carpet?

Yes, hot water extraction is a safe procedure for professional carpet cleaning in general. Austech believes it is the most effective method for carpet cleaning. Because this approach cleans so thoroughly, it has been able to restore the colour and texture of many of our clients' carpets. You'd never guess what colour some of the carpets were previously!

Is hot water extraction the same as steam cleaning?

No. Hot water extraction is the process of heating filthy water until it boils and then passing it through a filter to remove big particles. Steam cleaning simply employs the use of hot steam to break down pollutants into smaller pieces that can be removed using a vacuum cleaner. Some businesses may claim to provide carpet steam cleaning services.

The hot water extraction method does not turn all of the water into hot gas vapour. The steam carpet cleaning process heats the water and converts it all to steam, requiring less water and thus - not as thorough of a clean.