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As well as your carpets, your upholstery is as important for your room's appearance. Lounges, sofas and chairs are also big investments in your home. Austech Carpet Cleaning Brisbane has fully trained technicians that will take care of the most delicate of fabrics using specially designed tools and specially formulated chemicals.

With Austech Carpet Cleaning Brisbane's expertise, we will clean and enhance your upholstery to make it look like new!
We specialise in many facets of Upholstery Cleaning including: lounge cleaning, sofa cleaning, dining chairs cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning and car upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery and Lounge cleaning process

Upon arrival, Austech Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Management Brisbane technicians will start with pre-inspection to identify and pre-treat any problem areas on your mattress, lounge, or any other upholstery furniture.
The furniture is pre-sprayed with soil releasing solutions then rinsed out with our top-of-the-range truck-mounted steam cleaning unit, leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric on your furniture. A final inspection is then carried out to ensure your complete satisfaction - guaranteed.

Austech Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Management Brisbane also offers Aust-Shield Upholstery Protector. Because life is full of unexpected accidents and spills, Aust-Shield Upholstery Protector defends your valuable investments against those unexpected accidents and spills.

Creating an invisible and powerful barrier, Aust-Shield Upholstery Protector surrounds each and every fiber to keep dirt, dust and liquids from lodging within the upholstery. Because Aust-Shield Upholstery Protector has an outstanding repellent agent it gives you more time to clean up and remove spills and dirt before they are dissolved into your upholstery.

Austech suggests the following simple tips for easy cleaning on both carpets and upholstery

• Solid and semi-solid spills should be scraped lightly with a table knife to remove excess.
• Liquid spills should be blotted up immediately with a towel or absorbent cloth.
• If spills dry or are forced into the carpet they should be removed easily using normal cleaning procedures. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with water to remove residual cleaning products.
If you want to have the satisfaction of brighter, cleaner and newer looking upholstery, then Aust-Shield Upholstery Protector is for you.
 It is recommended that Aust-Shield Upholstery Protector be re-applied after every clean or at least every second clean by an Austech Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Management Brisbane technician to maintain that newer appearance

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