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We bring smiles to people's faces one rug at a time. Professional rug cleaning services backed by a satisfaction guarantee will help you restore the look and feel of your rugs today.
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Rugs are key ornamental and comfort elements of any house or business; yet, rugs, like carpets, are prone to collecting bacteria and allergens on a daily basis, adding to worsening air quality in your home or office. Austech's skilled rug cleaning crew has over 10 years of rug cleaning experience, ensuring we provide one of Queensland's highest-rated rug cleaning services. Our Austech Guarantee applies to all of our rug cleaning services. That is, unless you are completely satisfied with the outcome, you will receive your money back. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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We offer affordable pricing on all of our carpet cleaning and pest control services. We also accept AfterPay.

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Rug Stain Removal

Stains on your rugs that wont come out? Hire us.

Rug cleaning may be a time-consuming and tiresome task without the correct tools and detergents. Stains on rugs can become difficult to remove over time, and in some cases, irreversible. Vacuuming your rugs will remove some dirt and dust, but it will not eliminate stains or odours. Professional rug cleaning by Austech experts with significant training and experience guarantees that stains and odours are effectively addressed, leaving you with clean, odor-free rugs to enjoy with your family. There are numerous reasons types of contaminants that live in your rugs.

  • Mould
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses and allergens
These contaminants survive and multiply in your rugs over time is the most important reason to seek professional rug cleaning. Not only do they cause physical wear and tear, but they can also induce Asthma attacks, allergies, and a variety of other respiratory disorders in individuals in your household. Get your rugs back to looking, feeling, and smelling like new again with Austech. Request a free quote today.

Rug Odour Removal

What's That Odour? It's Most Likely Your Rugs!

Odour removal from rugs and upholstery is a difficult task. Professional rug cleaning, as opposed to temporary solutions like baking soda vacuuming, permanently and effectively removes these stubborn odours. Austech specialises in stain and odour elimination. We've received comprehensive training and have over ten years of business expertise, which has allowed us to become one of Queensland's most dependable rug cleaning companies. Although DIY techniques can be advantageous, they will not be sufficient in the long run. Give your rugs new life with our skilled rug cleaning service, which comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch today for a free quote.

Rug Steam Cleaning

Rug steam cleaning that works.

Do your rugs have a rough or grainy texture to them? This is most likely due to a buildup of dirt and grime that has formed in the microfibers of your rugs. Don't worry, this is quite typical as your rug wears and ages. Our skilled rug steam cleaning service eliminates all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated in your rug's microfibers. Rug steam cleaning allows us to tackle the problem from the ground up. Steam cleaning allows us to combat the problem from the source (deep inside your rug's carpet fibres) and in turn, leave your rugs looking, feeling, and smelling brand new again. In comparison to dry cleaning, our rug steam cleaning technique removes up to 50% more dirt and grime. Get in touch with us  today for a free quote.

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Great service and really good job done for lounge cleaning and rug steam cleaning. Would highly recommend
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Dont see your city/suburb? Don't worry! This is just  a list of our most popular suburbs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered.

Carpet stain removal cost varies greatly from company to company. Other factors that may influence the cost of stain removal services include the type of stain and also how long the stain has been settled in your carpets, sofas, rugs, or mattress. Austech provides general stain removal treatment on all of our services, however; for stubborn stains which are older; there may be an additional charge on top of the service cost. Our stain removal services start at $35.
Old, ingrained stains can be removed if they're dealt with appropriately. The longer a stain is allowed to settle into your carpet fibers, the harder it becomes to remove as it begins to bond with your flooring over time. Austech carpet cleaners use industry-leading technology paired with proven, Eco-friendly chemicals to disrupt the bond to allow for the best possible chance at lifting the old and unwanted stains from your carpets and rugs. Being proactive rather than reactive will often yield the best results. Contact us for a free estimate.
A rug is a floor covering that does not stretch over the entire room and is not fastened to the floor, despite the fact that the two terms are commonly used interchangeably (as in an area rug). A carpet is a type of wall-to-wall carpeting that covers the whole floor of a room and is secured in place using tacking strips and glue to prevent it from coming loose and becoming a tripping hazard.
The carpet can be walked on immediately after washing with clean feet or indoor shoes; however, we recommend restricting activities on the carpet to this foot traffic until it is totally dry. This process can usually take 2-3 hours.
We will relocate sofas, tables, and chairs for your convenience. Beds, wardrobes, china cabinets, pianos, and gadgets are not moved. You should remove anything breakable from the carpet.
An hour to two hours is the usual timeframe, although the exact amount of time depends on the size of your home.
As a whole, Austech has over 15 years of carpet cleaning experience. Our technicians are continuously developing their craft to ensure we can deliver an unrivaled level of service to all of our customers.
Every Austech technician is covered by our $10,000,000.00 public liability insurance policy.
No or very little wetness is used in dry carpet cleaning. It's a popular choice since it takes little to no time to dry. The carpet may be used right away when it is finished. This method works well for removing dirt, stains, and other allergens.
Steam cleaning involves blasting a surface with hot water and then shampooing it. This is known as "hot water extraction." This is one of the most common and effective procedures for removing tough stains and dirt. It works on the assumption that dirt is suspended in water. Solutions are sprayed ahead of time to loosen any dirt.

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