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Pest Management

Austech Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Management technicians are BSA licensed pest technicians & can tackle a number of pest problems, specialising in the treatment of cockroaches, fleas, ants, bed bugs, spiders, wasps, rats & mice, carpet beetles and silverfish both inside and outside of the home.

Austech will not only treat your home, but, we will also provide you with a 12 month service warranty even on ants and spiders, so if you have a problem with any of these pests, Austech Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Management guarantees to retreat the problem areas free of charge (conditions apply).

Most people in Brisbane have experienced problems due to pests in their homes.
In most cases, these pests are tolerated because homeowners are unaware that there are both environment and chemicals methods for the control of these unwanted pests.

At Austech Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Management Brisbane we will take the time to talk to you about all your options when it comes to pest management.

  • Fully licenced & trained professionals.
  • 23+ years industry experience.
  • Internationally accepted, environment-friendly and low-risk chemicals.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee applies.
  • 12 month warranty on all pest management services
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  • Australia has over 400 native species of cockroaches

    For over 300 million years cockroaches have been present on earth. They are the most common pest of houses and restaurants throughout Australia. Their wide distribution and close association with humans, coupled with high frequency with which they carry human diseases in and on their bodies, have given them a very high pest status. Cockroaches inhabit sewer systems, drains and composts used for the garden. Some will come in contact with animal and human faeces as well as contaminated food and transfer these organisms on their bodies and in their faeces to food which is being prepared for human consumption. Australia has over 400 native species of cockroaches which are of no concern to the homeowner. Over the last 200 years 6 species have been introduced to Australia which is the most often encountered household pest

  • Don't let the bed bugs bite!

    Bed bugs have not been linked with diseases of mankind but often cause severe irritation as a result of their bites. Adult bed bugs are 4-5mm long oval- shaped bodies and rusty brown in colour. Before laying eggs the female must have a blood meal during egg laying. She glues the eggs to surfaces near where she resides such as on surfaces of walls and furniture. It is therefore important that when bed bugs are discovered that a thorough inspection be carried out prior to a chemical treatment.

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